The main product of Złotecki are pistons and cylinder sets for internal combustion engines.

Złotecki produces pistons for:

  • diesel engines (compression-ignition engine),
  • petrol engines (spark ignition),
  • air brake system/industrial compressors,
  • for special applications , e.g. in aircraft engines

Our products are characterized by:

  • making castings from certified aluminium alloys of the highest quality in our own foundry
  • processing in accordance with the highest technological standards on specialized machines,
  • using high-tech tools for processing,
  • application of modern coating technologies,
  • detailed quality control at each production stage,

Diesel engine pistons

Pistons for diesel engines are made in the diameter range 75 - 160 mm. Due to the design of these engines, the pistons can carry higher mechanical loads than other types of pistons.

For turbocharged engines, pistons with cast-iron inserts are made for the first sealing ring in "Alfin" technology. In some types of diesel engine pistons, steel compensation inserts are also installed in the piston shell. In order to ensure the highest quality, graphite, molybdenum and other coatings are also made on the surface according to customer specifications.

Pistons for petrol engines

Pistons for petrol engines are made in the 60-150 mm diameter range. The Złotecki company produces pistons for gasoline engines for passenger cars.

Air compressor pistons

Pistons for air compressors are made in the 60-130 mm diameter range. Pistons of this group are designed both for stationary compressors and for compressors of truck braking systems.

Special pistons for two-stage compressors are also produced.

Pistons for special applications

Pistons designed for high performance and aircraft engines can be made from aluminium alloy forgings dedicated to pistons heavy loaded during operation.